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Lawa Limited provides high quality fence and security solutions to the African market, with effective methods and technologies to a variety of personal and industry-specific challenges.

Our products are safe, reliable and effective - improving your business productivity and quality control.

Based in Malawi, our team prides itself on excellent and dependable service. Our products complement your corporate and social responsibilities, as well as enhance the sustainability and longevity of your business.

See our Corporate Sustainability section for more information.

Product Features

High Rigidity

Multiple V-bends, high tensile wire of up to 745MPA, with a vertical wire arrangement adds increased rigidity to our range of High Security Crystalline Barriers. Offering maximum protection to perimeter barrier and property assets. All Lawa’s Crystalline High Security Barriers are supported by a 10-year warranty.

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Apart from our unique product design, which makes climbing and cutting difficult, all our barrier solutions are installed with a unique anti-tamper fixator solution which further eliminates the possibility of intruders gaining access to your property.

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Unobtrusive Quality

Inspired through architectural design, our products were created with our customers in mind. Our High Security Barriers are aesthetically pleasing with high visibility creating a sense of freedom without compromising on security requirements.

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Crystalline Barriers

Crystalline Barrier Panel Fence – Most Secure and efficient fencing for both residential and commercial use. Welded wire mesh, with anti-cut and anti-climb properties creates a high strength, maximum perimeter protection with excellent visibility. The crystalline panel fence barrier is recognised as the go-to, low maintenance, maximum security option.

All our crystalline barrier products are fully customisable to meet your requirements. Cross wires diameter options are 3mm or 4mm


Diamond Mesh / Chain Link

A diamond-mesh fence (also referred to as wire netting, chain-link, chain-wire, cyclone fence, hurricane fence, or wire-mesh fence) is a woven fence usually made from galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire. This forms the characteristic diamond pattern. Versatile and strong, it is suitable for most requirements, and is a slightly cheaper barrier option.


Welded Mesh

Welded wire mesh is a fence made of steel strands, electrically welded together to form a high strength, high security barrier. Often used to fence large livestock, it is suitable for both small and large perimeters.

Other Fencing Products

Wire Netting
Wire in Coils
Droppers & Standards
Palisade Panels
Field Fence
Gabion Baskets
PVC Coated
Razor Wire
Barbed Wire

Notable Clients

Our Charity

Mitengo ndi Moyo

Lawa ltd in partnership with Natures Gift Ltd has been implementing and overseeing a reforestation program one the Capitol Hill Dairy Farm on the edge of Lilongwe since 2014. The partnership has named the program “Mitengo Ndi Moyo” (MNM) pronounced: Ma-tango N-dee Moyo, which translates to “Trees are Life” or “Life is Trees”.

The tree program is in partnership with the surrounding communities. MNM sponsor a men’s Football team and a women’s Netball team in the neighbouring village of Canada in Area 44 Lilongwe. MNM provides uniforms, balls, and transportation to events that the clubs participate. In exchange for this, the teams assist in the tree tubing, planting, seed banking and most importantly of all, the protection of the indigenous forests on the northwest side of the Capitol Hill Dairy Farm.

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